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Letter to wonder woman (pls contact her if see her!!) thxs

I’m so happy because I’ve finally found the key to the lock chained to my mouth, I can talk again!! Unafraid of speaking with long lost friends and strangers, able to express myself without worrying what others might think. Thanks for being gone.

To: anxiety

All thanks to support from wonder woman (see figure 2.16) I’m still alive

Figure 2.16


Badboyblaine never gets old, you can’t argue:(

I was looking outside the grass and a bird was walking toward the right side, but it was slowly walking downward too. After that it even started walking backwards back to the place it began. Suddenly, another bird came flying at it and they snuggled for like 10 seconds ikr, then they slowly started walking toward the right side again.

This was an inspirational experience for me because it shows the life of a person. The bird was walking to the right side, meaning it was following its goal, but as it did, it was being dragged down by negativity, obsticales, etc. Slowly it was even starting to retreat to the start, meaning it hadn’t achieved anything at all! But, it then realised, that with the help of his friend, he could slowly but steadily climb towards his goal. I can’t,,,,……so friendship is important